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Freshwater Fishing Guide

San Diego Freshwater Fishing Guide

Did you know that southern California offers some of the best freshwater bass fishing in the United States? Come and join some of San Diego's best bass fishing guides on a beautiful trip in southern California. Maybe you would like the chance to break the state record for the largest catfish at San Vicente Reservoir. Can you believe that the record is a 101lb catfish? 

We have a trip for everyone and our freshwater trips are a perfect opportunity to spend a quality day with the family & friends. 


Freshwater Fishing Species:

  • Largemouth Bass 
  • Smallmouth bass 
  • Bluegill 
  • Catfish 
  • Perch 
  • Rainbow Trout 
  • Crappie 
  • Stripped Bass

San Diego & Southern California Bass Fishing Lakes

Set you appointment today and come fish with San Diego Premiere fishing. CLICK ON A LAKE NAME FOR MORE INFORMATION!

  • Diamond Valley Lake 
  • San Vicente Reservoir 
  • El Capitan Reservoir 
  • Lake Sutherland 
  • Lake Hodges 
  • Lake Otay Reservoir 
  • Colorado River 
  • Other Trips